Where do I begin?


Where do I begin?

Where do I begin! Walking in to have my interview about the 6 week challenge was slightly intimidating. People were flipping tires and displaying incredible feats of strength as I think I recall being winded bending over to tie my sneakers before driving over that morning. To say I was in need of a new me was an understatement. I felt sluggish and stressed from my business and was not happy with how I felt. I saw the Facebook ad about Blue Titan Fitness and decided to check it out. What a difference 6 weeks have been.

I remember driving in to class each morning and feeling butterflies in my stomach wondering what I was going to be doing for the next hour. This happened for the first four weeks, every class! Something that really stood out for me was how great everyone was. All of the instructors I met were amazing, motivating and fun people. They were able to push us and motivate us to do more. It didn’t matter what skill level or how fit you were or weren’t, everyone was challenged. I started to feel better about myself and could see a difference from the first week until the 6th week. All of the challengers in the class were fun people to work with. Everyone cared and encouraged each other along. It was definitely a great experience. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start feeling better and improve their health. If you are willing to put forth the effort, the staff at Blue Titan Fitness will definitely help you achieve your goals.

A diet change was introduced. I made some modifications to the Paleo diet plan that I could live with, but attacked it from day one with determination. I avoided white potatoes, rice, bread, ice cream, pasta and dairy. I’ve been eating eggs, fruits, vegetables, lean meats and avoiding unhealthy processed foods. I also downloaded the my fitness pal app and logged and counted my calories for the day, every day. I set a goat to lose 25 lbs in the first 6 weeks and lost a total of 22 lbs! I also improved my blood pressure. Before the classes started I was having pains in my upper neck, and was told it was stress related. The pains are gone and I feel amazing. I look forward to waking up and working out. My cIothes fit better and I dropped a size in my waist, but I still have further to go to meet my personal goals. I’m confident that they are now possible. I really love the Krav Maga classes and signed up to continue them. I’m determined to continue learning and push myself to be ready to take the next level test and pass it when the time comes.

To someone reading this it may sound hard to believe. If you are willing and able to make a change in your life, I feel it’s very possible with the help of Blue Titan Fitness. I met people looking to lose weight, gain muscle, feel better about themselves, or relieve stress. Everyone’s goals may be different, but they are possible. Drop in and check it out for yourself and maybe we can hit some pads together!


Mike Polhamus
The Repair Pros