What Blue Titan has done for me, by Scott Milliken


What Blue Titan has done for me, by Scott Milliken

What Blue Titan Has Done For Me.

What Blue Titan has done for me!

by Scott Milliken

In August of 2016, my wife Mary and I kept seeing advertisements for a “New You Challenge” at Blue Titan Fitness on Facebook.  Even though we had thoughts of being too old, too out of shape, and not knowing whether or not we could physically challenge ourselves in this way, we both decided it was time for a change and made the initial call to Blue Titan to see what it was all about.  I remember Tito, a trainer for the challenge, asking us to come in to ask us some questions.   He asked what my goal was for participating?  I remember stating that my main goal was to get healthy.  Coming in that day I was 248 lbs., a Type II Diabetic, terribly out of shape, and wanted to take steps to assure I would be around for my children as they grow older.

The six week challenge started on September 19th 2016 and it is a day and week I will never forget.  In our first class, we were asked to do 20 jumping jacks, 10 squats and inch worms, which I thought at the time was cruel and unusual punishment.  That week I remember being so sore I could not even get up the steps to my office without social embarrassment.  I met Joe, Alyssa, Lauren and Phil at class and we quickly became friends.  We all started a new suggested Paleo diet under instruction from our trainers Axel and Tito.  My new found friends would text and message each other at night seeing what each other was having and telling each other; we better see you tomorrow at class, even on days that our “Old You’s” would have turned over and went right back to bed.  We would come in right before our class and see the CrossFit class finishing their “WOD,” which we had no clue what that even meant, but quickly learned it was the “workout of the day.” We would joke with each other about “beast mode”  Stephen and Claire, watching them finish as we were about to begin our class thinking, boy, I don’t think I could ever do that!  Well, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, pounds started dropping, and the challenge finished.  We all decided to continue on from three days a week “New You Classes” and join the Blue Titan Community.  We are now faithfully doing at least five CrossFit classes a week and two Krav Maga classes doing those exact things we would never have dreamed imaginable.

I have lost track on how many compliments from family, friends and people at work about how well I look and what’s my secret.  I have been a spectator at a recent CrossFit competition cheering on my friends, recently signed up for my first ever CrossFit games and my first ever Warrior Dash coming up this Spring and we named our team “Titan Tough”.  Most importantly my goal; 6 months later, I went for bloodwork and reviewed the results with my doctor.  My doctor said my numbers were amazing and I am no longer a Diabetic and he is taking me off all medication.  He paraded me around the office to all his colleagues and kept saying this man really did it!  I am now 204 lbs, went from a 19 inch neck to a 17 ½ neck, from an extra-large shirt to a large and from a 42 inch waist to a 36 inch waist.  My wife Mary has also lost over 30lbs.  Blue Titan boasts that it is a family and I have witnessed that first-hand.  I owe ALL of this to Blue Titan, its owners, its instructors, my wife, and all the people that I work out with that truly have become my family, I respect you all!

My journey is not complete and I thank Blue Titans Instructors Axel, Tito, Tom, Eric and Jess who pushed me and others to be the best me I can be, both physically, mentally and as a person.  I will forever be grateful and would recommend anyone thinking about getting started to seize this great opportunity, the “New You” will NEVER be Sorry!