Welcome Home….


Welcome Home….

Welcome Home…
-By Amy Prisco

The first thing you will learn about Blue Titan is that it is not a gym. Blue Titan is a community. It is a group of people who are truly passionate about fitness, safety, and each other. If you are looking for a gym to come in and lose weight and go home this may not be the place for you.  But if you are looking to make incredible relationships while you better yourself, your body and learn new passions, well then welcome home.

I came to Blue Titan three years ago when a neighbor asked me to take a 2-hour self-defense seminar.  I walked in and a scary bald man proceeded to kick my butt, scare me half to death, and made me realize I had not had fun in a very long time. I and my neighbor joined the next week. We took a course that was both the cardio of CrossFit and the lessons of Krav Maga in a class called kravfit.  That quickly went to the wayside as I focused on Krav Maga and CrossFit separately.  And I haven’t looked back since.

I genuinely was not sure if I was physically able, fit enough, or emotionally capable to truly do Krav Maga. I was 40, overweight, had just very recently lost the love of my life and inspiration (my grandfather) and I had been a victim of an attack many years before. I did not know if I would be able to do the course. To be fair I had convinced myself I couldn’t do it. I had always been fit and healthy.  I had been a dancer, a rugby player in and out of college. Here I was a mother of two and severely overweight. I had no support at home and I was basically on my own trying to better myself. But there was something about Krav Maga…. I couldn’t let my doubts stop me.  So I stayed…THANK YOU GOD I STAYED.

I was beyond fortunate that my first instructors were Tito Medellin and Don Reinertsen. Neither one looked at me and saw some pathetic overweight housewife. They never coddled me, were never condescending to me, and the most important part, they showed me they believed in me. They pushed me harder and further than I had EVER been pushed before. They made me go out of my comfort zone. They were patient, but they never allowed me to stop, or to do less than I was capable of. Don made me laugh, made me see the joy and fun in what I was doing while at the same time showing me what I needed to do.  He taught me there could be joy in something as serious as Krav Maga.  It wasn’t a chore to go to the gym. It was not something I wanted to put off. I couldn’t WAIT to get there. Missing the gym was terrible. I was going 1 day a week. Now I am there 6 days a week for multiple hours a day. And if I could do more I would.

Tito became someone I could trust.  I haven’t had that in my life. Ever. He recognized my strengths and weaknesses, he got to know me and to push me when only he could see I needed it.  I have had a very large fear about chokes.  A fundamental part of Krav Maga. I went 2 years in classes without doing them. I refused.  Tito built up my trust. He was the only man I allowed to practice with me.  Slowly he helped me build up my confidence in myself, and most importantly with the entire BT community, all the instructors. Now I can do them all, with any partner.  There is no more fear. I would never have done that had it not been for Tito.

ALL the instructors truly love what they do. It shows in every class. Cheryl is my inspiration.  I love her discipline, her way of teaching so we can see the beauty in Krav as well as the fierceness. Every class I learn a million things I want to go home and master. When I watch instructors like Don, Cheryl, Wendy and Tito, I can’t help but want to learn more, be BETTER. After 3 years I see them as mentors, teachers, inspirations, and I like to think friends.

Some people want to walk in a gym, workout for an hour, leave and never make any connection. That is not what you get at BT. The instructors at BT CARE. They genuinely want you to get stronger, fitter, happier, more confident, and SAFE. My children have now been taking classes there for 2 years. They adore it. They think of Tito and Eric and Wendy as family. My son got bullied and he wanted to talk to Tito and Eric.  Tito wasn’t there but Eric was, Eric took him to the side and talked to him, helped     him, was there for him. That is not what you get from a treadmill.  if you want to be at BT, you better be ready to join a community, and to have your life changed!