The Making of Claire the Incredible


The Making of Claire the Incredible

The Making of Claire the Incredible

By: Claire Pisano

I joined the Blue Titan family completely on a whim – one of the “6 Week Challenge” Facebook ads popped up in my newsfeed and I figured ‘why not?’.

I had been a runner for some time and dabbled in yoga, but never in my life had I done any kind of weightlifting or training like CrossFit. It had such an intimidating reputation; super fit people throwing lots of weight around. When I met with Axel before the 6 week challenge he asked me what I wanted to get out of CrossFit, so I said the only thing that came to mind: “I want to do all the cool stuff that makes me look like a bad ass”.

Standing waiting for my first few classes to begin I remember watching the members finishing their class, and I was in awe at everything they were doing. It felt so foreign that I would be in that crowd. One class, one movement at a time, little by little, we learned the movements, our boundaries, how to push those boundaries, and by the end of 6 weeks it was like I had never NOT done CrossFit. I immediately joined as a regular member.

Work travel caused me to me miss a few of the intro classes, so I had joined the 5am classes for a few days to make up my workouts. Over one year later I have remained a regular 5am-er. It was so easy to get along with everyone. Though they had been members for a while and knew what they were doing, they were welcoming & ready to offer support, or wait for me to work with a coach before the WOD.

I don’t remember when it happened but one day I woke up and realized I had a whole new set of friends and a support system at Blue Titan. Every day I look forward to seeing everyone at 5am (seriously!)… I have serious FOMO when I skip a day.

Last year I was hospitalized unexpectedly, and the first person in the room besides family was one of my fellow 5am-ers, bringing me (non-paleo) snacks; I remember she said “we are not just workout partners, we always support each other”.

Besides the members, the coaches are awesome. They are amazing at knowing where you stand and your needs from a physical/functional standpoint, but they get to know you personally, allowing them to work with you on a personal level – what motivates you, how they can best coach you, what your goals are. Recently, Axel pushed me to do more than I was planning to do by knowing what makes me tick… I couldn’t turn down the challenge; in the end I did even more than what he was encouraging me to do.

There are two things that I think changed the most in me through CrossFit.

One, I dropped any fear of ‘not being an expert’ at something. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Everybody scales to make a workout their own, and everybody is learning – over a year in, coaches still work with me on correcting things and making me better, and a year from now, they still will be.

Two, I look at myself physically in a completely different way. I look at my body for what it can do, where I have strength. I compare it to what it could do yesterday, and I see all the hours that have gone into building today and doing things that I never imagined myself doing.


If you made it far enough to read my story, just do it – you will only regret the things you do not do. There’s so much that I have gained and nothing that I have lost, and I am so thankful to have all of this wonderful support in my life.