The choice was clear. I needed to go back to the location that I should have never left in the first place.


The choice was clear. I needed to go back to the location that I should have never left in the first place.

Dear Eric,
First let me thank you and the Blue Titan staff for all that you do for so many people. It’s an honor to train and work out with everyone here and to learn from you and your instructors.
What brought me to Blue Titan is a slightly longer story than I would like it to be but here it goes. A few years back a friend told me about Crossfit and how there was a box right down the block that we could trial together, so I agreed. Prior to this I worked out at a gym lifting weights and occasionally doing cardio that I hated. I would self teach and already had a herniated disc from a work injury. I mostly learned the hard way. I hurt myself often and dealt with continuous bouts of low back pain, shoulder pain and patellar tendinitis making it difficult and painful to walk up stairs. With my job I couldn’t risk getting hurt any further so a cycle of frustration ensued regarding my fitness. The trial was enlightening. A stretch, a 500 meter row, air squats and jumping rope if I recall. I was mortified. This was the “WARM UP” are you nuts! I attended this place for a little while learning the WODs, the culture and the terminology. I was happy with my improvement and felt a lot better. This particular place while Crossfit, geared itself mostly to Kettlebell training. I found this less interesting to me and a bit more harsh on my lower back even with good form.

Luckily my wife happened to pass by Blue Titan. I Loved the place and joined.

The workouts were intense, varied and with great instruction. The coaches were awesome! As I improved and developed better endurance, I enjoyed doing the longer military style workouts on the weekend. That was a major push in endurance and a real sense of accomplishment. I worked out at Blue Titan for over a year, however at the time my work schedule didn’t match well. This lead me to leave and try yet another Crossfit location with different schedule . I worked out there for about a year and while I have nothing bad to say about them I still missed the weekend military WODs and a lot of the great people and staff at Blue Titan. I also had a huge desire to get back into Martial Arts. It was years since I had studied and it always bothered me that I hadn’t continued. I looked around at different styles but after doing some research and talking to a close friend who trains in it, I wanted to study Krav Maga.

I found a location close to me that says it teaches Krav. At the time, I didn’t understanding the style, its history, or the curriculum. I joined and took it at face value. After a few months I realized while comparing notes with my friend I wasn’t learning Krav Maga at all. I was simply at a Karate studio that used the name. At that point it hit me. What hell am I doing? I am all over the place. Why am I stressing myself out trying to make classes at two different locations ( It never worked out ). Not to mention training in some varied combination of martial arts that had nothing to do with what I wanted.
The choice was clear. I needed to go back to the location that I should have never left in the first place.

I was welcomed back by you which meant a lot to me. I have never been happier. I signed up for both Crossfit and Krav Maga but have become slightly addicted to Krav.
When it comes to Crossfit my biggest fear was further injury. Over the years I have learned how hard I can push myself and when it’s just to much. Ive never felt pushed into a dangerous limit or felt as though I had to lift heavier than was safe for me. The type of motivation while intense is still done in a manner to allow you to improve and develop but not compete with the person next to you. In the end you all leave equally drained, sweaty, exhausted and hungry. How you got there is up to you. You’re competing with yourself while being motivated by others is the best way I can describe it. Since I have joined I have reached some of my own personal bests and continue to do so. There is nothing as satisfying as passing a threshold or barrier in your mind that you once had. A 20 minute workout, 30, an hour, two hours, double unders, 5 pull-ups, 10, 20, the list goes on. Every time I think ill never make it, somehow I do. I have a lot of your staff to thank for that.
As I stated before Ive become addicted to Krav Maga. I love it! Crossfit is on the back burner just a bit for me at this time.
As far as Krav Maga goes. This is really an amazing self defense style that would benefit anyone. The classes are by far more intense than I thought they would or could be, I mean how can an hour workout be difficult? There are no weights in the room, boy was I wrong. Krav Maga classes are truly some of the most cardio intense workouts I have done. The best part is, thats just a side effect. The real benefit is learning how to defend yourself or at the very least never give up. It teaches something most styles do not. Aggression. It also converts skill into reflex and teaches you how to manage these things under stress and exhaustion. This is a life saving combination. Add in some confidence and fitness that comes with training and how perfect is Krav? It gets even better. The instructors, the people you train with and the accomplishment of the level tests. The level 1 and 2 tests were by far some of the most difficult tests of physical endurance that I have completed in my life. After the level 2 test Tito greeted me in the parking lot before I left. He shook my hand, had a kind work for me and congratulated me on completing it. When I left, the emotion I felt was so strong I had a tear in my eye, bruises all over my legs and arms, a jammed toe and a shirt so drenched and arms so tired I kept it on stuck to my body. “I never felt better!” Life without accomplishments isn’t worth living. I look forward to learning more and cant wait to get to another class.
I would recommend Blue Titan Crossfit and Krav Maga to anyone looking to improve themselves. I hear people say that its too difficult, that they need to work out before for a while in preparation for something so hard. This is not true, while it is intense its modifiable to work for you as you grow and improve. Why not work with instructors who can guild you and keep you safe and work out with people who will help you and motivate you. I love this place!
Thank you Eric,
See you soon.

Sincerely yours,
Todd Kaplan