The attack that never happened


The attack that never happened

Dear Don, Eric and Wendy,

I want to thank you for teaching the Krav Maga classes because of a “non situation” that happened to me. I did some traveling this past week, flying to NC to visit my son, and as I traveled alone in unfamiliar places I became nervous and unsure of my surroundings at times. The best part of this experience is that it taught me to remember the many things you all have taught. I remembered to be aware of my surroundings, look people in the eye, stand tall, and I had MANY tools to utilize in the event there was a situation. I am thankful there was not an issue but that I had many things I learned to draw upon in the event there was. I am truly thankful for all you teach and do and that I am able to have confidence knowing I can manage things that may come my way. Thank you for enabling me to remain self-sufficient and safe.

Your student,