The 7 Most Common Mistakes when choosing your gym…


The 7 Most Common Mistakes when choosing your gym…

The 7 Most Common Mistakes
when choosing your gym

Choosing a gym is not that different than choosing a prospective partner to marry.  There is commitment, contracts, expenses and an entire family that, with the swipe of a pen, suddenly becomes yours…

There is a lot to consider and so we want to help you make the best decision you can, no matter where you decide to go!


The first and most common mistake is choosing a gym based on location alone.  Convenience must be a factor, that is not in dispute, but it should not be near the top of your list.  Consider this, would you choose someone to marry because they were conveniently located close to your home?  It sure is nice to have a relationship with someone convenient to your life, and for a period of time that might work, but when settling on a partner for a long term investment (like your health) there are many other factors to consider.  In this case, location is not the most important factor


We have all read a resume or biography that makes you stop and go, WOW, this person must be AMAZING!  Yet, if you are like any of us, you have probably found yourself on more than one occasion feeling a bit duped by fancy words and certifications.  Winning the CrossFit Games, possessing 37 black belts or having 715 certifications DOES NOT equate to being an outstanding coach.  Some of the greatest coaches in sports history (Freddy Roach, Phil Jackson, Bill Parcells) were mediocre athletes with mediocre resumes but possessed a world class ability to coach, guide and mentor.   You wouldn’t marry someone based on their credentials – you shouldn’t pick a gym based on them either. Don’t be fooled by paper.


The highest priced gym will not be the best and the lowest price gym will not be the worst.  When considering cost, never consider the cost, only consider the value. According to the Dept. of Health and Human Sciences, being overweight can cost you as much as $5,000 a year, and that does not even consider major health problems and associated medical costs.  It is far cheaper to exercise and be healthy than not – so it isn’t about the cost anyway – it’s about the value.  Is the gym you are considering providing more value than they are charging?


We all know it is wrong to judge a book by its cover yet we all do it every day instinctually. In fact, our ability to make split second judgements is what could keep us alive!  However, when judging people, we know it’s not only immoral, it is often inaccurate, and thus, we know it is important to know who someone is and not what they look like.  Gyms are no different.  New paint, fancy equipment and shiny tile do not equate to quality coaching, just quality paint, equipment and tile.  Look beyond the surface!


Many athletes (former, current and future!) have this image of a gym in their mind.  Everyone is in shape, muscular, beautiful, half naked, shiny and working out while admiring themselves in the mirror. We have this image because all of us are insecure on some level. While we understand this and have experienced this fear ourselves, you must not let fear get the best of you.  You do not need to be in shape to get in shape!  If you have done your homework and found a location with high quality character, personality and coaching, you will be welcomed with open arms like family!


The last mistake and perhaps the most common.  What is it you want?  Is it to get in shape for a wedding?  Is it to win the approval of a potential boyfriend or girlfriend? Is it because the Doctor made you go find a gym?  These decisions might seem great on the surface to you, but these motivators are not enough to have the lasting impact on your life that you need.  As you get older, you begin to realize that a gym is not about a six pack!  Life is too short and too fragile.  Joining a gym, truly, is about joining a family.  This family will coach you, mentor you, work to improve your health, your fitness or you skills in self-defense.  They will attend your weddings, help you move into your new apartment, lend you their trucks, drive you to the airport and improve the quality of your life.  In turn, with a little consistent discipline, your health, fitness, and most importantly, the quality of your life will skyrocket to the highest levels.


Whether you are reading this in London, New York, Los Angeles or Rockaway, New Jersey, I hope you benefit from this article, find its contents useful and go on to select a gym that will truly add value to the quality of your life and health.   THANKS FOR READING!

-Blue Titan