Surviving the rise in attacks on Realtors with Krav Maga


Surviving the rise in attacks on Realtors with Krav Maga

Surviving the rise in attacks on Realtors with Krav Maga

5 September 2017

Real Estate agents are talented, outgoing, personable individuals who help people buy and sell their homes.  Their experience and expert counsel are crucial to the process and ensuring it is to their clients best interests.  Unfortunately, the nature of the business regularly places them in close proximity with individuals they have known for an extremely short period of time, in unfamiliar environments and often, alone.

In Iowa, 27 Year Old Ashley Okland was shot twice and murdered while working alone in a model town home for an open house. In Arkansas, according to her killer, Realtor Beverly Carter was targeted specifically because she worked alone.

Women, are not the only subjects of the attacks either.  According to an article published in May of this year by, 34 percent of attacks are on men!

While the truth is, we all experience risk regardless of our careers at one point or another, one realtor company is taking action.  Weichert has hired self-defense instructor Eric Basek to open some minds and provide some perspective about surviving violence to the Weichert realtors of Sussex and Morris Counties.

“There is no real magic pill to ensure your loved ones are safe.  The world is full of wolves dressed like sheep.  The key is teaching people to recognize some of the signs that attackers are likely to display while considering an attack and providing them with habits they can build into their lives that place them in safer, more dependable situations.”, says Eric.

Eric draws upon his 20 years of public service, over 10 years of self-defense instruction to police officers across the nation and his time as police officer in Washington DC.

“My experiences with some pretty horrible people and my time training police officers has given me a solid base to work with; however, just like these realtors in attendance, I am always learning.  The key to all of this is seeking knowledge consistently, with an open mind, and a willingness to experience a little bit of discomfort for the personal growth and development it will undoubtedly produce.”, he says.

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