November 17 2015


November 17 2015

Blue Titan Fitness & Self Defense – CrossFit Level 1

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Blue Titan CrossFit Standard (No Measure)

Range of Motion & Blood Flow Drills:

– Jog, Knees up, Butt Kicks

– Shuffle, Carioca, Backwards

– Bear Crawl, Crab Walk

– Lunges, Stretch Kicks

– Inch Worms, Broad Jumps

– Jumping Jacks, Quick/Slow Feet

– Burpees, Push ups, Air Squats

Group Stretch & Athlete Specific Stretch
5 minutes

10 x 1 Hollow Hold into Superman (second or two for each side)

10 Air Squats

Skills & Drills

Front Squat Instruction

Stress proper racked position and neutral spine throughout as well as common Air Squat standards.

GHD Sit up instruction.

Limit range of motion to athlete ability. Coaches need to observe

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

12 Minutes

10 Front Squat 95/65

10 GHD Sit up

10 Hand Release Push Ups


Front Squat – Looking for technically sound and unbroken.

Elbows parallel to the ground.

Maintaining of Spinal alignment

If in doubt go lighter

GHD: Abmat Sit-ups.

Range of motion

Decrease Reps down to 5 if using GHD for the first or second time.

Share equipment but keep moving.


10 minutes: Free time to work on any component of todays lesson plan. Coaches will help you fine tune any movement.

Roll Out/Mobility