New You Challenge Day 05


New You Challenge Day 05

Blue Titan Fitness & Self Defense – New You Challenge

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Skill & Lecture

What is Blue Titan?

-Krav Maga



-Yoga, Zumba


–>Movie Nights, Games, Events, Seminars, Fundraisers

-Incorporated November 2011

-Krav Maga begins February 2012

-CrossFit begins August 2013

-Who are we?

–>Axel, Chris, Tom, Michelle, Scott

–>Ken, Anthony, Angel, Tito, Errol, Wendy, Cheryl, Don

–>Sara, Joe, Eric & Amanda

Skills & Drills

Strict Press

Push Press

Goblet Squat

Box Jump

Step Up

The Row Machine!


Blue Titan CrossFit Standard (No Measure)

Range of Motion & Blood Flow Drills:

– Jog, Knees up, Butt Kicks

– Shuffle, Carioca, Backwards

– Bear Crawl, Crab Walk

– Lunges, Stretch Kicks

– Inch Worms, Broad Jumps

– Jumping Jacks, Quick/Slow Feet

– Burpees, Push ups, Air Squats

Group Stretch & Athlete Specific Stretch

Skills & Drills

Practice the Strict and Push Press

Practice the Box Jump &/Or Step Up

Practice the Goblet Squat (reinforce the Air Squat)

Practice the Row Machine


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

“New You Fight Gone Bad”

3 Rounds for Reps

:45s Work Per Station (Including Rest)

Row for Calories

Press for Reps (Strict or Push)

Goblet Squat for Reps (Scale to Air Squat)

Box Jump for Reps (Scale to Step ups)