Blue Titan Offers Free Law Enforcement Training

30 March 2016. Rockaway, NJ
Police officers don their “Class B” uniforms, complete with vest and gun belts, to participate in a free class offered once every month at Blue Titan Fitness & Self-Defense.Classes cover a wide range of topics including weapon retention, suspect control tactics, handcuffing, searching and use of force laws. Topics are current and reflect the most current Supreme Court, State and Local laws. Each class ends with civilian and retired law enforcement volunteers who role play scenarios to allow for practical demonstration of the learned techniques in as realistic an environment as
training allows.

“The best training I have participated in ever, and that includes the academy”, said one officer from Passaic County NJ.

Krav Maga is the official self-defense of the Israeli Defense Forces. It has been adopted by military and special forces units worldwide due to its widely touted realistic and practical approach to combat.  School owner and lead instructor Eric Basek is a former police officer with experience in Washington DC and New York City as a patrol officer, supervisor and full-time SWAT officer. He has been teaching law enforcement officers since 2006 and is certified by both non-government and government entities alike.

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If you’d like to know more, or to register for the next course, email Sara Fries at [email protected]