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KIDS KRAV MAGA & TEENS Fitness & Self Defense


BT TEENS Fitness and Self Defense- Ages 10-17

But Krav Maga is not martial arts.
We take the most effective strikes from martial arts like Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing, and combine them with the most effective grappling techniques from programs like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The fancy moves and techniques that take students years to master are absent from this program, leaving the moves that are extremely effective, simple, practical, useful and easy to remember in a stressful or life threathening situation. 

We Help Build Character

The easiest fight to win is the one you recognize and avoid. While each class spends a significant portion of the curriculum on developing fighting skills for last resort situations, each class ends with a “mat chat’ where we discuss important everyday life like topics.


We are parents too! We know how important it is to provide for our children and keep them safe!

For our 5-8 year old kids, we have some 30 minute classes and some 1 hour classes, designed to maximize learning and minimize distraction. Fitness, self-defense, teamwork, confidence and character building lessons are found in each class. To learn more, submit your contact information below and meet with our team today. 


Our 8-12 year olds move up to the next class and are introduced to more involved tecniques in Krav Maga while still focusing on character building, mindset awareness and fun.

To learn more, submit your contact information below and meet with our team today!


We are proud to introduce a new program for middle school and high school aged students that includes both FITNESS AND SELF DEFENSE.

Our program consists of 1 hour classes, 4 days a week that will help teens get fit, healthy and strong, learn self defense, make friends, learn responsibility, build relationships, teamwork, and most importantly, have a lot of fun! We promise to give them the best hour of their day!

This program consists of (but students are not limited to) the following schedule:
Monday- 6:00PM-FITNESS
Tuesday- 5:00PM-SELF DEFENSE
Wednesday-6:00PM- FITNESS

To learn more, submit your contact information below and meet with our team today!

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