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Kids Character & Confidence

KMX is a dynamic program that instructs students in realistic self-defense, motivates them to improve their overall level of fitness, and enriches them with crucial life skills so that they can become CHAMPIONS in all aspects of their life. Our goal is for the students to realize that becoming a successful and accomplished person, a true CHAMPION, takes hard work and dedication. Respect, discipline, focus, sportsmanship, teamwork, manners and common sense are just some of the life skills carefully woven into the KMX curriculum.

KMX is designed to guide students to see their progress and be proud of their growth. The KMX program has a complete belt system, as well as a unique patch system to reward their accomplishments.  We want to help all KMX students become “ready for life.”  Motivating kids through exercise, personal safety, and discipline is a powerful way to help them build their confidence and self-esteem.

Junior KMX

For you 5-8 year old, class is once per week, 45 minutes long and offered in 16 week blocks so there is no long term commitment. Fitness & self-defense concepts are hidden within games throughout the class. Cost is $450 and includes all equipment and uniforms necessary!

At this time, no blocks are scheduled. Be sure to email [email protected] to be updated when the next one begins!


For 9-13 year old young adults, class is an hour long and explores more adult concepts in an honest atmosphere that encourages self-analysis and decision making under stress. This program runs annual for $100 a month or month to month without a contract for $150 a month. A one-time enrollment package of $100 covers shirt, pants and boxing gloves.


Blue Titan has a unique and customized self-defense and fitness program designed exclusively for the Girl Scouts of America. Instructor Wendy, a mother of two young girls, is a girl scout leader and passionate about raising strong and safe young women. Her program is one of a kind and available for girl scout troops anywhere in America. Contact her today at: [email protected] or learn more by visiting our GIRL SCOUTS SELF-DEFENSE page. And yes…if you were wondering….we have our own patch!!! ????

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