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10 Week Challenge, Class 18-01 - Blue Titan fitness
Blue Titan is a community deeply committed to the family. Like many traditional martial arts, we believe in the value of a regimented program to provide strong character traits necessary to raising children ready to tackle life’s challenges. Character traits like personal accountability, self-discipline and service to others are emphasized in a program that desires to cultivate confidence and poise in our children. We also strive to develop physical skills like balance, coordination, strength, power and endurance through martial arts inspired fitness in a jam packed 30 minute class. And lastly, for our Junior Black Belt Program, practical self-defense is taught through Krav Maga with the specific intent of addresses real world circumstances like verbal and physical bullying, kidnapping and sexual assault. Class options are available for children ages 3 and up in person, live on zoom, or on demand via Blue Titan On Demand!

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10 Week Challenge, Class 18-01 - Blue Titan fitness


KMX is the official kids self-defense and fitness program of Krav Maga Worldwide. Provide your kids with the same concepts we teach adults, like kidnap prevention or anti-bullying; but, do so in a safe and fun environment.
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