January 20 2015


January 20 2015

Blue Titan Fitness & Self Defense – CrossFit Level 1

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Blue Titan CrossFit Standard (No Measure)

Range of Motion & Blood Flow Drills:

– Jog, Knees up, Butt Kicks

– Shuffle, Carioca, Backwards

– Bear Crawl, Crab Walk

– Lunges, Stretch Kicks

– Inch Worms, Broad Jumps

– Jumping Jacks, Quick/Slow Feet

– Burpees, Push ups, Air Squats

Group Stretch & Athlete Specific Stretch
4 rounds 20 on 10 off. Alternate movements.


OHS (with PVC)

Wall balls lite

Skills & Drills

Full snatch progression

Stable starting position –>Set up, pull, full extension and receiving position.

Overhead Squat:

Stable starting position –> bar press out overhead, hips travel back and down.

With arms locked out elbow should be facing down.

10 – 15 minutes to work on technique and find the weight you will use for the WOD


Snatch (10 x 3 EMOM)

These are to be performed as squat snatches.

Weight should be medium to heavy. OHS is the limiting factor.


Power snatch + overhead squat

Power snatch + front squat


Coaches choice – Time permitting

Leave 5 minutes for mobility and cool down