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Whether you are interested in our CrossFit Program, or our Krav Maga Program, you can expect to receive an incredible workout that leaves you smiling as your body is dripping sweat angels onto the floor below. Workouts are safe and scalable no matter what your age or ability, and coaches work hard to make sure your experience is tailored to you personally, so you are able to get the most out of every minute. Whether you are looking to add muscle, shape and tone, or loose body fat, both Krav Maga and CrossFit will get it done! For athletes looking to add weight to their frame, we recommend an 70/30 split of CrossFit and Krav Maga. For athletes looking to trim and tone, we suggest an 70/30 split of Krav Maga and CrossFit. Regardless of the goal, we recommend 4-6 classes per week while also working with a coach to educate yourself on fatigue, recovery and proper nutrition.

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Krav Maga

Let’s face it, life is complicated. We have school, jobs and children. Football games, overtime and family events. Life rarely allows for the commitment level needed to learn a traditional martial art to a level that allows for many reality based self-defense applications.




We all know that fitness is necessary to live a healthy life. The problem is, many of us are bored with our current routine or just don’t have the time to learn what it is we should be doing that works best.




Still referred to as “disabled” by many, these athletes include those bound to wheelchair, those with congenital amputations, permanent injury to the nervous system or skeletal structure and genetic defects such as spina bifida.



Kids Krav Maga & Self-Defense

KMX is the official kids self-defense and fitness program of Krav Maga Worldwide. Provide your kids with the same concepts we teach adults, like kidnap prevention or anti-bullying; but, do so in a safe and fun environment.




Director and studio owner Eric Basek has created a unique program that does not exist anywhere else today. Eric spent 8 years as a police officer in a major city. He was an agency defensive tactics instructor and holds certifications in active shooter, fire arms and use of force.



Law Enforcement / Military

The Krav Maga Worldwide™ Force Training Division has been directly responsible for providing training to over 800 law enforcement agencies in the United States and multiple U.S. Military units stationed locally and around the world.




Interested in private lesson with a Krav Maga instructor, one-on-one personal training with a CrossFit instructor, a birthday party or a customized seminar? Contact us to discuss your options today!





Krav Maga classes aren’t just for athletic men in their 20s looking to learn how to protect their girlfriends. Krav Maga classes for women focus on rape prevention tactics, the signs of a dangerous situation or how to defend yourself when you are forced to in the worst case scenarios.


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