December 29 2015


December 29 2015

Blue Titan Fitness & Self Defense – CrossFit Level 1

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Blue Titan CrossFit Standard (No Measure)

Range of Motion & Blood Flow Drills:

– Jog, Knees up, Butt Kicks

– Shuffle, Carioca, Backwards

– Bear Crawl, Crab Walk

– Lunges, Stretch Kicks

– Inch Worms, Broad Jumps

– Jumping Jacks, Quick/Slow Feet

– Burpees, Push ups, Air Squats

Group Stretch & Athlete Specific Stretch
3 rounds

10 KBS 35/26

10 Sit Ups

10 Air Squats

Skills & Drills

Dead Lift:

Braced abs, tight butt and maintain neutral spine throughout.

Start with bar then gradually build up the working weight for the wod

DU’s: Quick review

Weighted Lunges:

Braced abs, tight butt and maintain neutral spine throughout. Knee stacks over foot at 90 degrees (knee shouldn’t extent past the toes)

Press plate overhead into full lockout then go into lunge.

Be wary of tight roping!


Metcon (Time)


Dead Lift 285/215


Weighted Lunges 45/25 (alternating)

Dead lift weight: should take 2 – 3 sets to get through the set of 21. This is on the heavy side but controllable.


Dead Lift – Weight

Du’s – Triple single (lightning fast)

Lunges – Weight


Time permitting: 150 ab movements

Must leave 5 minutes for mobility, rolling our and/or stretching