December 14, 2015


December 14, 2015


Saturday Active Shooter Sold Out! Second Day Added! Sunday 12/20. 10AM – 1PM. $40 PP. Sign-up at Front Desk

Blue Titan Fitness & Self Defense – Krav Maga Level 3

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KM Level 5 Standard (No Measure)

-Blood Flow, ROM & Shadow Striking

-1 Round Focus Mitt Work, 1 Round Thai Paid Work

-2 Rounds Sparring

-3 Minutes, Level 1-4 Practice & Review

Skills & Drills

360s with Single Counter

360s with Multiple Counters

360s with Multiple Counters (add knife, no take-aways)


Inside Defense Review, No Counters

Inside Defense with Single Counter

Inside Defense with Multiple Counters

Stress Drill (Inside Defense is focus)


Inside Defense, Multiple Counters, Add Knife (Stabbing to chest or face)

Stress Drills (Inside Only)

Stress Drills (Straight Stab, Overhead or Underhand Stab – multiple counters)

*No Take-Aways…SEPARATE!*