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40 jumping jacks

on grey line

-knee tucks

-high knees

-butt kickers

-side shuffle

-lay down upward facing dog

-downward facing dog

-PVC pass thrus

-find spot on wall place right arm fully extended on wall with palm against wall and sretch, switch arms


Floor Press

3×5 light weight

lie flat

arm slightly outside shoulder width

arms locked

drive shoulders back and into ground

externally rotate shoulders

come down, triceps should be in contact with ground

full extension at the top


3 Rounds

5 hang cleans

10 step ups

5 push ups

10 burpees

Skill build hang cleans and push ups

Hang Cleans (butt back, hip extension, shoulder shrug, quick elbows)

Push Ups ( hands under shoulders, chest up, drive hips up, braced abs)


100 ab movements