Comp edge 1/24


Comp edge 1/24

Blue Titan Fitness & Self Defense – CrossFit Level 2

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Blue Titan CrossFit Standard (No Measure)

Range of Motion & Blood Flow Drills:

– Jog, Knees up, Butt Kicks

– Shuffle, Carioca, Backwards

– Bear Crawl, Crab Walk

– Lunges, Stretch Kicks

– Inch Worms, Broad Jumps

– Jumping Jacks, Quick/Slow Feet

– Burpees, Push ups, Air Squats

Group Stretch & Athlete Specific Stretch
We will also take this time to discuss the class format, any injuries/concerns, or upcoming competitions.

Skills & Drills

10 minutes to work on individual skills. Any skills/advanced movements that need improving. i.e. Double Unders, Bar/Ring Muscle Ups, Handstand Walks, etc.


Discuss first WOD. Strategy, scaling, etc.

Metcon (Time)

Partner Chipper: One Partner works at a time while the second partner jumps rope (singles).

– Row 500m

– 100x Box Jumps 24/20

– 50x Push Press 75/55

– 50x Pull Ups

– 50x Push Press 75/55

– 100x Box Jumps 24/20

– Row 500m

Skill & Lecture

Break down while we discuss first WOD. What were the difficult parts (Stamina, fatigue, what parts fatigued. How to improve next time?

Discuss second WOD. Strategy & set up.


Discuss second WOD. Strategy, Level (Rx, Scaled, Executive). Standards. You will hear me say “No Rep” in this WOD. Standard will be strict to simulate an actual competition judge. NO BRO REPS!

Metcon (Time)

Super Steel Fit 2016 Qualifier #2

7 Minute AMRAP: Ascending Reps: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, …


– Clean & Jerk #135/95

– T2B


– Clean & Jerks #95/65

– Atomic Sit Ups #25/10


– Clean & Jerks #115/75

– T2B


Recover, break down, debrief, mobility, questions.