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Our Facility


About Us

Blue Titan Fitness & Self-Defense was founded in November of 2011 by Eric Basek, a former police officer and SWAT operator in Washington DC. Blue Titan is an official CrossFit and Krav Maga Worldwide affiliate with an amazing staff of highly educated, experienced and dedicated instructors who live to teach.

Located at the southwest corner of Franklin and East Main Streets in Rockaway NJ, Blue Titan is a 2-Story, 6,000 square foot facility offering 4 bathrooms, 2 showers, a pro-shop, free wi-fi and a breakfast counter for our early morning classes.

We offer classes for beginners, intermediate athletes and competitive spirits. A community that is often called a family. A no-ego, no judgments atmosphere where the value of instruction is at the highest level of importance.

We believe that everyone, regardless of age, background or ability, has the right to live a long, healthy and productive life. Regardless of when you decide to start learning, we want to be the community you choose to learn with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who belongs to Blue Titan?

Women. Men. As young as 8 years old. As experienced as…well, let’s just say there are some members who have collected a lot of knowledge in their life times! 🙂

You do not need to “get in shape” to try a class. All fitness levels are welcome and we can’t wait to mentor you, coach you, instruct you, help you and train with you.

Can I try before I commit?

Of Course! You wouldn’t buy a car without test-driving it first would you? We want you to try us out. We are confident we will exceed your expectations, reminding you of a time when fitness and exercise were fun in your life. Please follow this link to reserve a space in your first class!

Do I need to bring anything?

Fluids to hydrate and comfortable gym clothing. We’ll take care of the rest!

How early should I arrive?

10 Minutes early will give us plenty of time to get to know you, give you a tour and get you ready for class!

What are classes like?

Classes are one hour in length, run by one or more instructors. You will be looked after and well taken care of through the entire hour. Classes are infinitely scalable. You will be challenged and inspired in a safe, fun and exciting training environment.