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Krav Maga

Let’s face it, life is complicated. We have school, jobs and children. Football games, overtime and family events. Life rarely allows for the commitment level needed to learn a traditional martial art to a level that allows for many reality based self-defense applications.

This is exactly what makes Krav Maga so practical! While training 5 days a week will certainly make you a better practitioner, Krav Maga was created with the soldier in mind. Someone with limited time to devote to self-defense given the sheer volume of material that must be learned! Yet despite a limited amount of training time, this system ABSOLUTELY MUST be effective under the stress of combat.

Translate this to the real world and what you get is a self-defensesystem that can be learned with 2-3 hours per week of consistent training and exposure in high-stress, realistic scenarios.

Based on simple but instinctive movements, we will train you to defend against chokes, bear hugs, ground fighting scenarios, edged weapons,handguns, rifles, kidnapping scenarios, home invasion, rape and other
life threatening situations. We will take you outside, put you in winter clothing, visit the beach and practice in high heels or a full suit.

It’s not about learning an “art” – it’s about going home…alive.

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