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Girl Scouts Self-Defense

About Girl Scouts Self-Defense

Blue Titan has a unique and customized self-defense and fitness program designed exclusively for the Girl Scouts of America. Instructor Wendy, a mother of two young girls, is a girl scout leader and passionate about raising strong and safe young women. Her program is one of a kind and available for girl scout troops anywhere in America. Contact her today at: [email protected]. And yes…if you were wondering….we have our own patch!!! 🙂

  • Develop confidence and character in your daughters as the grow into young adults!
  • Teach them the world’s most effective self-defense, Krav Maga
  • Have the confidence to know a fellow mom, a leader in her own girl scouts community and a woman passionate about self-defense is leading the charge!

Programs are infinitely customizable and built upon request. Contact [email protected] to book your private seminar today!

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