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Elizabeth Dean Loves Blue Titan! Here’s why…


Elizabeth Dean Loves Blue Titan! Here’s why…

I love Blue Titan Fitness. I love the workouts, the seminars, the coaches, the community, all of it. I can’t imagine my life without this place.
When I started at Blue Titan Fitness in September of 2015, my goal was to get my life back. I had just turned 30 and was in the worst shape of my life. I would wake up every morning struggling to find clothes that fit and hated what I saw in the mirror. I felt like all I ever said was “I’m tired.” I knew this is not how I should be feeling at 30. Something had to change. I had to change. This was not how I wanted to spend the rest of my life.
When I started the “New You” challenge with Axel, everything was hard. I was so overweight and so out of shape that every workout seemed almost impossible. Here I was this large woman exerting all this effort and struggling to breathe just doing the simplest exercises. As a former soccer and lacrosse player, I was embarrassed about how I had let it get this bad.
The real turning point for me came a couple of weeks into the challenge. One of the exercises that day was deadlifts. Deadlifting 55lbs. was something I thought I should be able to do but once again I found myself struggling. Axel had come over to correct my form. Over and over I tried to properly deadlift the weight and still couldn’t do it without losing my form. Axel suggested I just try the 35lb bar so we took the weights off and still I couldn’t keep my back straight. At this point, all I wanted to do was cry and quit. I was exhausted, frustrated, and embarrassed. In my defeated state, I rudely asked Axel if he had anyone else to go bother. His response: Nope. I am not going to let you fail.
Damn. If he believed I could do it, why didn’t I believe?
Fast forward to today and four months later. I have lost over 20 lbs and I am starting to see muscles I haven’t seen since college. I see improvements every time I step into the gym. I am doing things I could have only dreamed about doing back in September (like deadlifting 155lbs in near perfect form). I look forward to going to the gym. I am now a regular in both the CrossFit and the Krav Maga classes.
This is just the beginning for me. I am not a rock star nor am I a “beast”. There are still exercises that I do with modifications. But I know that I am on the right path and that excites me. The results I have seen in just 4 months are amazing. It makes me look forward to what I can achieve in the next 6 months, the next year, and so on. I went from being someone who struggled through every workout to someone who smiles through every workout. In fact, I love it so much that I have to be reminded to take days off to give my body a chance to rest and recover.
I am forever grateful to all of the instructors at Blue Titan Fitness for your instruction, guidance, support, and encouragement. You all make working out such a positive and rewarding experience. Everyday you make me feel like you are glad that I am part of your community. I can’t thank you enough.


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