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Crush the Coaches WOD!


Crush the Coaches WOD!


On Saturday February 20th at 10 AM, students will have the opportunity to “Crush the Coaches”.  It’s simple!

  1. You can’t use a “Girl” or Hero WOD
  2. There must be at least 4 Elements
  3. All runs less than 200m
  4. WOD length can be 20-40 minutes
  5. AMRAP, Chipper or Rounds for Time
  6. Don’t stress over the weight.  Coaches will scale accordingly.  You can just say “heavy” or “light” and we’ll get it!
  7. You can program anything we have ever done in class!
  8. If you can’t remember the name, describe it!  We’ll get it.
  9. You can add bricks, rucks or weights as a tasty option.
  10. Have Fun!
WODs will be sealed in an envelope.  Do not put your name on them!  We will post them up on the board and the coaches will choose their destroyer…kind of like Ghostbusters 🙂  The winner will have the opportunity to act as the coach, walking around with a cup of coffee while we “suffer”!


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