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Active Shooter

Director and studio owner Eric Basek has created a unique program that does not exist anywhere else today. Eric spent 8 years as a police officer and a full-time SWAT operator in a major city. He was an agency defensive tactics instructor and holds certifications in active shooter, firearms and use of force. Together, with his experience as an expert in Krav maga, he has created a hybrid program that addresses school emergencies from all angles.

Topics include bullies, improvised classroom weapons, active shooter scenarios, nutrition, physical fitness & wellness.

Seminars can be one time, quarterly or even as often as weekly throughout the school year. Teachers will learn about fitness, nutrition and begin training in the Israeli Self-Defense Krav Maga from day 1. Students will develop a new found respect for their mentors. Parents will be appreciative their children’s teachers are training and willing to risk their lives for their families. School administrators can fight for insurance discounts and even state grant money. The benefits are innumerable!

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